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Children's Health

Helen as an infant with her mother in 1954.

Congestion in Infants


Dear Helen,

My three month old baby has a bad cold. He has had it for several days now. I don't remember my others being sick like this while so little. He is obviously very congested up in his chest. Now, when he starts to cough it's like he can't stop. He is nursing okay, but not quite as much, probably because his throat hurts. I'm starting to get a little worried about him because I would think he should be a little better by now. Any suggestions on how to help him get that junk out of his chest?

Thanks for your help.


Hello Jane,

It seemed the more kids I had the sooner the babies got colds.

Run a vaporizer day and night. The air is very dry in winter, especially if you use wood heat. You can also have hot water on the stove, set on low and running all day to add moisture to the air.

If he gets coughing and can't stop, go into the bathroom with him, close the door and run the shower; he's not in the shower mind you! This might help him stop coughing.

Try to nurse him often, every half hour or so.



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