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Wednesday, September 02, 1998

Dear Sisters,

For the past several years we have offered special Christmas discounts on gift subscriptions and on the Christmas harp tape, "Away in a Manger". Even though Christmas seems far away, we want to give you plenty of time to order these annual specials again this year.

Until December 31, 1998 a discount of $3.00 applies to every gift subscription you order. To order a gift subscription of The Mother's Companion at this special low price (just $9.95 to U.S. address) simply fill out the "Mother's Companion Subscription/Renewal Order Form" on the back of this page. To order more than one gift subscription at this special price simply attach your list. This offer is restricted to new subscriptions only.

Also until December 31, 1998 a discount of $1.00 applies to every "Away in a Manger" harp tape ordered. When the season gets hectic, this tape quickly calms the soul and returns our hearts to Jesus. The tape, recorded four years ago, is a professional quality, soothing, twenty-five minute recording of favorite Christmas melodies: Silent Night; What Child is This?; O Come Little Children; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Emmanuel; Away in a Manger; The First Noel; O Come O Come, Emmanuel; and One Small Child. My oldest, Jennifer, plays the harp for the tape. She is now in her fourth year as a music major at Pensacola Christian College, where she is the college harpist. My second oldest, Mark, recorded and produced the tape. He is now in his first year in a recording/broadcasting program at Moody Bible Institute.

To order "Away in a Manger" simply fill out "The Mother's Companion Tape Order Form" on the back of this page. Enter $1.00 for each "Away in a Manger" tape ordered in the "Mother's Companion coupon amount" space provided on the order form.

There are many quotes from books this newsletter. From time to time folks write in asking how to obtain books I mention. Here's how. First contact the publisher and ask if the book is still in print. If so, one can order directly from them. It is not, the search becomes a little more difficult. Try your local library (interlibrary loan) or a used book store. Often personnel at used book stores can give you additional leads if they do not have the book themselves. (One can now get almost any used book from used book distributors on the Internet.)


Helen E. Aardsma

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