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My Siblings

I have four siblings. The oldest is Daniel (Dan), then my sister Lucy, then my brother John, then me, then Robert (Rob).

My paternal grandfather, Phillipe Filliol holding my oldest brother Daniel.
On the Filliol Farm, Cornwall, Ontario, August, 1950.

My parents with John (on left) and Daniel.
On the Filliol farm, 1952.

From left to right: Lucy, John and Daniel.

My brother John, me and my sister Lucy.
Fall 1954.

From left to right: My Mom, Lucy, me, Daniel and John.

I am on the right. I am one year old and my sister is three years old.
Summer, 1955.

My Dad with Lucy, me, John and Dan
in front of our home on Tenth Street in Cornwall, Ontario.
Summer, 1955.

Bathing beauties! I am in the middle (three years old).
Don't you love those glasses!
My sister Lucy on the left and my brother John on the right.
Summer, 1956.

This is one of my favourite childhood pictures.
Oh, the joys of childhood. Dirt, puppies and playmates.
Summer, 1956.

My father in front of our home on Tenth Street in Cornwall, Ontario.
Dan on the left and then John.
I remember playing kick the can, hide and seek, and street hockey on the dirt street on the right.
My good friend, Linda Dupuis, lived in the tenement house on the right.
A great childhood with lots of outdoor play and fresh air.

A church Christmas play. My oldest brother Dan is in the middle with his hands on his face.
Front row on the left is my sister, Lucy and then me.
Christmas, 1959.

Our summer trip to Maine. I am on the left.
Summer, 1959.

I am on the right.
I must be wearing my sister's tights!
Summer, 1959

Another shot of our trip to Maine. I am on the left.
Summer, 1959.

Our trip to the east coast when I was a young teenager. Summer 1967.
From left to right: Lucy, Rob and me.
I remember the jacket my brother is wearing;
seems like he wore it for years!

Another shot of our trip to the east coast. 1967
My mom's purse? It was made in Holland of very stiff leather.
I remember looking for Dentyne gum in her purse. I can still smell it.
From left to right: My Dad, Rob, Lucy and my Mom.

My Dad and I eat clams on the evening that this picture was taken.
We were both sicker than dogs that night.
The photo is our stop at a roadside craft shop.
From left to right: My Mom, the craftsman, my Dad, me and Rob.

My Dad on the St. Lawrence River, Cornwall, Ontario.
On the left is John and then Daniel.

My Dad with my youngest brother Rob.
We played for hours in that field in the background.
There was a "tiny" creek running through the field;
we often fell in the creek and got what we called "soakers".
The creek might as well have been the ocean as far as we were concerned!

My brother, John, high school, 1965.

My oldest brother Dan; high school graduation.

Entertaining the Baar family at my house.
At the right front is my sister Lucy, then me.
Next to me and smiling at the camera is my childhood friend, Jeanette.
On the left front is my brother Rob and then my brother Dan.
January 2, 1966.

My youngest brother Rob at ten years old.
My "baby brother". A kind and gentle soul.

My brother Rob drying his socks at a Sunday School picnic.
I am in the blue sweater on the right.
I am thirteen years old in this picture.

From left to right, back row:
Dan, my Dad, my paternal Grandmother (Luci Filliol). Front row:
Me, Rob and my Mom.
I was dating Gerald at the time and am wearing the locket he gave me.
I am also wearing one of the first dresses I made.
Mother's Day, 1973.

My brother Rob's wedding, September 1982.
Cornwall, Ontario.
From left to right; back row: Lucy, Dan, Rob, John and me.
Front row: My Mom and Dad.
I am twenty-eight years old in this picture.

My parent's 60th wedding anniversary, October, 2008.
Cornwall, Ontario.
From left to right; back row: Rob, me, John, and Dan.
Front row: My Mom, Dad and Lucy. I am fifty-four year's old in this picture.
This is the last time I was together with my family before my Dad died in May of 2013.
I cherish the memories.


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