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Thursday, January 2, 1997

Dear Sisters,

In a world of ever increasing prices, I am happy to announce a price decrease for The Mother's Companion. Gerald has recently done a thorough review of the costs to produce The Mother's Companion and he has found that a reduction in the annual subscription rate seems feasible. This is partly due to the economics of scale (the The Mother's Companion has tripled in size over the past eight months) and party due to the fact that a reduced price makes The Mother's Companion affordable to more households. (That is, even though we earn less per subscription the increased number of subscribers is expected to more than compensate for the loss.)

I am personally very happy that Gerald's analysis has come out this way. The truth is that, as much as I know what a blessing and encouragement The Mother's Companion would be to me if I were a subscriber, I also know that it would be difficult for us to find the money for a subscription. It is not a question of value---even at the old subscription price The Mother's Companion cost less for a whole year than a single trip with the family to the local fast-food restaurant, and I am convinced The Mother's Companion is worth a great deal more than a few hamburgers. It is simply a matter of not having enough money to afford much more than the bare necessities of life. Since many large families and many young families are in exactly this position, I am truly thrilled to be able to offer The Mother's Companion at a lower price. The new price is reflected in the subscription/renewal order form on the back of this page.

The lead article this issue is about submission to husbands. You may wonder what this topic has to do with mothering. Actually, all of the relationships which take place in the home affect mothering in one way or another, but it is doubtful that any affects it more dramatically than the husband-wife relationship. Bringing this relationship into harmony with God's standard is one of the keys to successful, happy mothering. As always, I trust you'll find this issue to be an encouragement and a blessing.


Helen E. Aardsma

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